Announcement of TOEFL-ITP and Financial Support by GSST

To : All GSST students,
   Fourth-year students of Faculty of Engineering/Faculty of Science
From : Prof. Kazuki TAKASHIMA, Dean of GSST
Date : December 28, 2013
Announcement of TOEFL-ITP and Financial Support by GSST
TOEFL-ITP will be held by GSST as follows. If you wish to take this test, please follow the below guild line and apply with test fee.
[Test date]  February 28, 2013 10:00-12:30 (Test room opens at 9:30)
[Test place]  Room 221, 223, Faculty of engineering Bldg.No2
[Intended students]  All GSST students,
             the fourth-year students of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science
[Application period]  January 10 (Thu), 2013 to February 21 (Thu), 2013
[Test fee]  2,000 Yen for Intended students /4,380 Yen for Non-intended students
[Application Place]  Book Counter, University Co-op in North campus (See No. 25 in the map)
【 Process of Application 】(Only for intended students)
1. 2,380 Yen will be supported by GSST for test fee.
2. Receive coupon at Project Support Section by showing Student ID Card between the application period (Open hours 9:00-15:30).
   Only Student ID Card will be acceptable for identification to receive the coupon.
   Application by proxy will not be accepted. Copied coupon, coupon without confirmation stamp
   and coupon with corrected information will be invalid.

3. Submit the coupon and application form and pay 2,000 Yen for test fee at University Co-op.
4. Notification of test score: Receive your score between March 18, 2013 and April 17, 2013 at University Co-op
1. Non-intended students can take this test, but cannot get this benefit.
2. Cancellation : Make an inquiry at Project Support Section.
3. Way of application is different from the previous TOEFL-ITP. Read this guild line carefully before applying.
4. All students who already have received (are going to receive) financial support
   for International Conference / Internship this academic year are required to take this test.
   If you are not able to take this test, take an official TOEFL or TOEIC and submit its score.
   (GSST will not be able to offer finalcial support in this case.)

Kanami Sonoda
Project Support Section (No.1 Building of Faculty of Engineering,)
*Replace @ to @ (half-size character)
Ext: 3836