Presentation on Internship Abroad/海外インターンシップ成果発表会

To: all GSST students, all staff in GSST
Students’ Presentation on Internship Abroad in 2012
GSST has been providing financial support to the students for internship abroad in order to promote their international experiences. The students who conducted the internship this year will give presentation on their experiences as indicated below.
If you are interested in internship or study abroad, please do come and listen to what they have to say. I’m sure you will want to apply for the internship next year. Presentations are given in English
  Date: February 20, 2012 13:00-15:50
  Place: Room A, 2nd floor of Faculty of Engineering Building 1


First Session: 13:05-14:35
   1. 後藤 寛幸 Hiroyuki Goto (M2・物質生命化学 Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry)
          - University of Alberta (Canada)
   2. 萩原 宏明 Hiroaki Hagiwara (D3・理学 Science )
          - University of Washington(USA)
   3. Ozturk Bulent Ozturk Bulent (M2・複合新領域 New Frontier Science )
          - Innovation Fluides Supercritiques (France)
   4. 平床 竜矢 Tatsuya Hiratoko (M2・理学 Science )
          - J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry(Chezch)
   5. 長畑 孝典 Takanori Nagahata (M2・理学 Science )
          - Limnological Institute (Russia)
   6. 伴 正寛 Masahiro Ban (M1・理学 Science )
          - Limnological Institute (Russia)
   * 10 minute break *
Second Session: 14:45-15:45
   7. 山口 将史 Masashi Yamaguchi (M1・マテリアルMaterial Science and Eng. )
          - Ruhr Univ. (Germany)
   8. 末田 亮介 Ryosuke Sueda (M1・情報電気電子 Computer Sci. and Electrical Eng. )
          - ENSEIRB (France)
   9. 山本 崇登 Takato Yamamoto (M1・機械システム Mechanical System Eng. )
          - ENSEIRB (France)
   10.川上 拓朗 Takuro Kawakami (M1・情報電気電子 Computer Sci. and Electrical Eng. )
          - University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada)
※詳細はこちら [PDF:254KB]をご参照下さい。
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