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2023【Announcement】GJEC Lectures in English「Critical Thinking」

To: all GSST students

From: Hitoshi Fujimoto

Director of Global Joint Education Center of Science and Technology


Announcement of lectures in English

(Subject for Advanced General Education/ Introduction to Management)

(Subject for Advanced General Education/General Subject)


Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology (GJEC) will offer the following intensive course in English.


【Title】 Critical Thinking

*For students who enrolled in or after 2018, this course will be held as one of

the subject in Advanced General Education/ Introduction to Management.

*For students who enrolled in or before 2017, this course will be held as one of

Advanced General Education/General Subjects


・This course will be held by Zoom. We will announce the details on Moodle later.


【Instructor】 Robert Dormer (Hiroshima Jogakuin University)



August 1(Tue)   10:25-11:55, 12:55-14:25, 14:40-16:10

August 2(Wed)  10:25-11:55, 12:55-14:25, 14:40-16:10

August 3(Thu) 10:25-11:55, 12:55-13:40 (45 min)


【Credit】    1 Credit


【Category】 Ⅲ(Books: English, Language: English)


【Code】  For Students who enrolled in or after 2018: 49162 (Master), 79162(Doctor)

For Students who enrolled in or before 2017: 69980(Doctor)



Critical thinking, we all agree, is a hugely important part of life, and has arguably become much more important. In this course, we will not only learn some of the key concepts of logical and critical thinking, but look at interesting domains of thinking such as science, ethics, law and philosophy. Although based on formal ideas, I bring in examples and discussion points from across social science, science and humanities. Whatever your background this should be a challenging but interesting class, and a chance to share opinions and examples, in English, with others.



If you wish to take this course, fill out the form at Academic Affairs Section until the deadline below.

Registration Deadline: July 25 (Tue.) 4PM.


If you wish to cancel this course after the registration, fill out the form at Academic Affairs Section by the deadline below.

Cancellation Deadline: July 27 (Thu.) 4PM.



Be sure to do the cancellation procedure if you do not take this course, otherwise your grade are processed as registered.


GJEC HP・・・https://www.fast.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/gjec/en/


【Inquiry and Registration】

Academic Affairs Section of GSST (ext:3013)






センター長 藤本 斉


総合科学技術共同教育センター(GJEC)より大学院教養教育科目・マネジメント概論/大学院教養教育科目・総合「Critical Thinking」について、開講の詳細をお知らせします。



  • 科目名  「Critical Thinking」




◇講師  ジェフリー・ドーマー (広島女学院大学)




8月1日(火)   10:25-11:55, 12:55-14:25, 14:40-16:10

8月2日(水)  10:25-11:55, 12:55-14:25, 14:40-16:10

8月3日(木) 10:25-11:55, 12:55-13:40 (45 min)


◇単位   1単位


◇コード  2018年度以降入学者:(博士前期)49162 (博士後期)79162



◇カテゴリー Ⅲ(Books: English, Language: English)


◇講義概要  上記英文を参照













★GJEC HP   https://www.fast.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/gjec/


担当:自然科学系事務課 大学院教務・国際担当