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Message from the Director

hitoshi fujimoto

Director of GJEC
Hitoshi Fujimoto

 The Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology (GJEC) was established within the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST) in April 2007 with the aim of globalizing graduate school education and cultivating innovative expertise. We need to develop different leadership qualities in today’s diverse societies; therefore, GJEC currently offers 3 educational programs and 3 courses (subject groups).

 The three educational programs are:
・Innovation Leadership Program
・Aim-High Program
・International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology (IJEP).
The “Innovation Leadership Program” includes the Management of Technology (MOT) Special Education Program that enable students to develop business models and management skills. The “Aim-High Program” has two courses, “Researcher Training Course” and “Industry Collaboration Course”. The former fosters highly-skilled doctoral human resources who are active in universities and research institutes. The latter aims to develop doctoral businessmen who will lead innovation by systematically collaborating with companies. The “International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology (IJEP)” allows students to obtain a degree in English. There are detailed selection criteria and various other requirements for prospective program participants; please check the program web pages for details.

 Two of the three courses (subject groups) are “Advanced Science and Technology” and “Advanced General Education”, both of which allow you to utilize your expertise from a more bird’s-eye perspective. In the third course, “English Education”, you will acquire essential English proficiency in the field of science and technology.

 The GJEC offers a new educational system that can provide training on various values, bird’s-eye views, and international thinking that goes beyond traditional graduate school education. In today’s rapidly changing society, it is very important to have a high degree of expertise and a broad perspective in order to demonstrate long-term leadership. The educational programs offered by the GJEC can meet these requirements. We would appreciate it if you would consider studying at the GJEC.