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2023【Announcement】GJEC Lectures in English「Introduction to Project Management」

To: All GSST students

From: Hitoshi Fujimoto

Director of Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology


Announcement of Lectures in English

(Subject for Science and Technology/Advanced General Education)


Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology (GJEC) will offer the following intensive course in English.


【Title】   Introduction to Project Management


※For students who enrolled in or after 2018, this course will be held as one of

Advanced General Education・Introduction to Management

※For students who enrolled in or before 2017, this course will be held as one of Advanced Liberal Arts・Science and Technology in Society


【Instructor】 Daisei Isomura ( NTT Data)



January 6(Sat.), 2024  ・・・ 2nd,3rd    Face to face→ Zoom

January 12(Fri.), 2024 ・・・ 4th,5th    Zoom

January 19(Fri.), 2024 ・・・ 4th , 5th   Zoom

January 27(Sat.), 2024 ・・・ 2nd,3rd   Face to face



January 6(Sat.), 2024  ・・・ 2nd,3rd / January 27(Sat.), 2024 ・・・ 2nd,3rd

Kurokami South E5 (Research Building for Science and Technology)

Project Seminar Room (MOT School Room)


Campus Map  http://ewww.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/about/access/campus/


Access information will be announced later on Moodle.


【Credit】  1 Credit



※For Students who enrolled in or after 2018

(Master) 49161 (Doctor) 79161

※For Students who enrolled in or before 2017

(Doctor) 69990


【Category】Ⅲ(Book: English, Language: English)



The main topic of this lecture is about the knowledge necessary for project management based on PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge). Opportunities for corporations and universities to collaborate and carry out projects are increasing these days. I will give lectures on IT development projects as an example and on how to proceed projects in the enterprise, covering the basic knowledge.


【Add and Drop】

If you wish to take this class, fill out the form at Academic Affairs Section of GSST until the following deadline.

Registration Deadline: December26(Tue) 12:00, 2023


If you do not attend this class after the registration, fill out the form until the deadline below.

Cancellation Deadline: January5(Fri)12:00,2024



Be sure to do the cancellation procedure if you do not take this class after the registration. Otherwise your grades are processed as registered.


GJEC HP・・・https://www.fast.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/gjec/en/


【Inquiry and Registration】

Academic / International Affairs Section of GSST