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Terada Torahiko Fellowship Program

Terada Torahiko Fellowship Program is aimed at training at advanced doctoral human resource development who are active in universities, research institutions, companies, etc. in the field of materials in a broad sense and connecting career path. If you are selected for this fellowship, you will be provided with research devotion support and research expenses during the support period.

There are 2 courses in this fellowship program.

  • Researcher Training Course: to train doctoral human resources who have a global mindset and lead a global academic research.
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration Educational Course: to train doctoral business people who will lead an innovation.

In the “Researcher Training Course”, take a research guidance from overseas researchers and go study abroad when you are student. On the other hand, in the “Industry-Academia Collaboration Educational Course”, under the systematic cooperation with companies, students participate in the joint research which is conducted by supervisors and company researchers and then take the custom-made curriculum which is designed among students, supervisors and company researchers. Those who meet the completion requirements can receive “Terada Torahiko Fellowship Program Certificate of Completion”.

Application Period :
From April 5th (Mon) to April 23rd (Fri), 2021 until 4pm (due NLT)
Academic Affairs Section of Graduate School of Science and Technology
Tell: 096-342-3013・3016 (dial-in)
Mail: szkn-kyomu@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp