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  • 【通知】熊本大学大学院博士課程奨学金給付制度(KDS)の募集について/Kumamoto University Doctoral Course Scholarship Program
【通知】熊本大学大学院博士課程奨学金給付制度(KDS)の募集について/Kumamoto University Doctoral Course Scholarship Program








(1) 一般枠 33人程度

(2) 私費留学生枠(大型の競争的資金による拠点研究等(学内の拠点形成研究を含む。)に参加する私費留学生についての枠をいう。以下同じ。)  13人程度












To Privately-funded international students in doctoral course of GSST

This is an information of scholarship “KDS” .

If you wish to apply for this scholarship, please submit the attached “Application Form” and “List of Research Achievements” to the Graduate School Educational Records and Programs Section by Friday, May 16.

The following is an excerpt of the implementation guidelines for the Kumamoto University Graduate School Doctoral Course Scholarship Program.


The purpose of this scholarship is to secure excellent students and to stimulate education and research activities in the doctoral program of the graduate school.

(Eligible students)

Students who are enrolled in a doctoral course (second term) and are recognized as having achieved particularly excellent results in their entrance examination scores, academic performance, or academic research activities.

(1) General admission: about 33 students

(2) Privately-financed students who participate in large-scale, competitively-funded center-based research (including intramural center-based research)   About 13 students

(Stipend) 535,800 yen

535,800 yen (non-repayable, lump-sum grant, one year)

Students scheduled to complete in September: 267,900 yen

(Co-subsidy with other scholarships)

Please note that you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship if any of the following apply to you

International students receiving financial aid from the Japanese government

Students who are applying for a research assistantship under the Doctoral Course Scholarship Program (KWS).

Students who are restricted from receiving other scholarships under the scholarship system

Working students whose scholarship eligibility is restricted by their employer’s rules and regulations.

If you are currently receiving some other type of financial support, please check the restrictions on the supply of such support.

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