【Scholarship Information】公益財団法人佐藤陽国際奨学財団 私費留学奨学生の募集について(秋募集)

To Private Funded International Students

Here is the scholarship information from Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation (SISF) for private funded international students. Please find attached the file.
If you wish to apply, please apply on the SISF website, and submit the requirements as instructed below.

<応募フォーム締切(財団ホームページ)/Deadline of the application on the SISF website>
 A 2022年7月18日(月)(応募時に在籍中の学生)
   July 18 (Mon), 2022 *for enrolled students
 B 2022年8月15日(月)(2022年10月又は2023年4月に入学・編入学の学生)
   August 15 (Mon), 2022
   *for students who will enroll in Kumamoto University from October 2022 or April 2023

<必要書類/Required documents>
  A 2022年7月22日(金)16時/ 4pm July 22 (Fri), 2022
  B 2022年8月26日(金)16時/ 4pm August 26 (Fri), 2022
  *Please note that this is different from the submission deadline stated in the application information.

 ・提出先/Where to submit
  Mail to:gji-ryugaku@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp(国際教育課/International Student Office)