【Scholarship Information】奨学金募集案内 令和5年度 JEES 留学生奨学金(少数受入国)の募集について

To Private Funded International Students

日本国際教育支援協会よりJEES 留学生奨学金(少数受入国)の募集案内がありました。

Here is the JEES Scholarship (minority host country) information for private funded international students.
Please find attached the file.(Application guidelines are in Japanese only.)
If you wish to apply, please submit the requirements as instructed below.

An interview may be conducted depending on the application status.

<必要書類/Required documents>

①願書(様式1:写真貼付)Application Form (From1)


  If you cannot write in Japanese, please write in English and attach a Japanese translation.

②推薦書(様式2) Letter of recommendation (Form2)

③在留カードのコピー(両面)Copy of your residence card (both sides)

④留学生奨学金申請調書 Application_Form_for_GSST_ver2023*

⑤評価票 Evaluation*

 *今年度まだ提出してない方 Please submit if you have not handed in for AY 2023.

<提出先/Where to submit>

Mail to : szkn-kyomu@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp


by 11 a.m May 19 (Fri) ,2023

Please note that this is different from the submission deadline stated in the application guidelines.

Academic/International Affair Section of GSST