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Educational Goals

Education Goals

The Natural Science Education Department endeavors to train the next generation of professionals who have logical reasoning abilities in addition to advanced expertise in their respective academic disciplines, who have the ability to use state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies to solve a wide range of problems with broad perspectives and creativity, and who can contribute to local societies and to the international community.
We will endeavor to make the above ideal a reality for all students who join our department under our admission policies by implementing the five goals listed below.

  1. Based on our philosophy of a six-year program of consistent education, we will train students in the master’s program to use the sound academic abilities and logical reasoning abilities cultivated during their undergraduate studies as a foundation to acquire more advanced expertise and skills in order to become professionals able to contribute to the stability and continuing development of society.
    We will train students in the doctorate program to become professionals with advanced expertise and research capabilities who will go on to hold leadership roles that contribute to local regions and to the international community.
  2. We will train students to become professionals able to contribute internationally from a standpoint of science and technology in our future of increasing globalization.
  3. We will enhance the education and research environment for foreign exchange students and accept and train a diverse population of students as a university open to the world.
  4. We will train professionals equipped with the skills necessary as entrepreneurs by furthering the collaboration between academia and government within education and research.
  5. We will provide career development education for working professionals in response to social demands as a university open to society.

Education Objectives

  1. In order to cultivate expertise built on a solid foundation, we will endeavor to establish a clear linkage between the education received during undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies to perform ongoing inspections of the effectiveness of these programs and to further meaningful education reform.
  2. In order to cultivate the practical ability to address diverse problems by viewing them from a broad perspective, we will promote cooperative education through collaboration with universities, research institutions, and companies, both inside and outside of Japan.
  3. By organizing our research instructor committee system, made up of multiple members of the faculty, so that research guidance for students is carried out from diverse points of view, we will prepare an environment where students can work on their research subjects with a wide range of impressions and perspectives.
  4. We will encourage and lead students to participate in academic associations and research presentations that will give them the ability to review the results of their own research from broad perspectives and conduct independent and flexible research aimed at furthering developments.
  5. We will provide students in our doctorate program with substantial and beneficial support.
  6. We will further the special programs that train entrepreneurs and leaders in research and development.
  7. In order to firmly establish an educational system that is open to the international community, we will further enhance our English-language classes and research guidance system.
  8. We will invite many international students to enter this program, and we will build an educational environment that fosters daily interactions with international students to create a foundation to foster a global mindset for the mutual understanding of diverse lifestyles, religions, and the like.
  9. We will endeavor to strengthen the learning and research systems for working professionals seeking career development education by using multimedia to provide remote classes and remote research guidance.
  10. In order to support the academic and personal lives of our students, will we enrich our learning spaces and facilities, and we will enhance our employment support system and consultation system.