About GSST

Ideas and Goals

The Graduate School of Science and Technology endeavors to train the next generation of professionals who have logical reasoning abilities in addition to advanced expertise in their respective academic disciplines, who have the ability to use state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies to solve a wide range of problems with broad perspectives and creativity, and who can contribute to local societies and to the international community.
To this end, we have established a master’s program based on our philosophy of a six-year program of consistent education beginning in undergraduate studies to provide students with a more advanced and specialized education founded on solid academic ability by field, and a doctorate program to provide students with an education through cutting-edge research initiated by students’ own efforts.
We will also equip students with strong institutional and organizational networks in order to train them to become professionals with broad backgrounds who are able to cope with new frontiers and interdisciplinary fields.

In order to foster within students creativity and leadership abilities with broad and flexible perspectives, we will also strengthen collaborations with outside institutions conducting advanced research and contribute to the development of society.

Furthermore, by establishing a system for professionals to receive continuing education, enhancing the education and research environment for foreign exchange students, and accepting and training a diverse population of students, we will further our active role as a university open to society and to the world.