Information (for Current Students・International Students)

Services for International Students

Division of International Joint Education, Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology

The Division provides counseling and advising to the international students in Graduate School of Science and Technology to assist their lives and studies in Kumamoto University. It also deals with international relations such as correspondence with overseas universities. Inquiries about admissions from abroad should be directed to this office.

GSST International Plaza

The Plaza is used as a space for international students and Japanese students to get together and to host events to promote international exchange. Currently we organize events such as Lunchtime English and Seminar Before Weekend. We encourage students to take initiatives in planning and conducting events.

College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies

The aim of the college is to promote the internationalization of Kumamoto University, which is central to the university’s primary goal of becoming a global academic hub (initiative university). The center also provides Japanese courses for international students, and offers them useful advice regarding their studies and livelihoods in Japan.


Kumamoto University International House

This accommodation has 147 single rooms, 6 couple-type rooms, 7 family-type rooms and 72 shared rooms for students and scholars from abroad. Students and scholars can stay here at least 1 year. (¥17,000 – ¥45,000/month)
For more information, see “Kumamoto University International House”


Public Apartments

There are prefectural and municipal apartments, which usually offer cheaper rents than private apartments.

Private Apartments

Many apartments are available near the Campus. Average rents range from ¥25,000 to ¥60,000.


Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho, MEXT) Scholarship

Applicants must be under 35 years of age. The scholarship provides a round trip ticket to Japan and monthly stipend of ¥144,000 for a Master’s student, ¥145,000 for a Doctoral student as of 2015.
Enrollment fee and tuitions are exempted.

Application to the Scholarship
1. Recommendation by the Japanese Embassy
Applications are submitted to the Japanese Embassy in the applicant’s home country. Examinations are conducted at the Japanese Embassy.
2. Recommendation by Kumamoto University
Applications are submitted to GSST for preliminary selection. Selected candidates are recommended to Monbukagakusho for further review and selection.
3. International Joint Education Program (Field of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) in GSST, Kumamoto University
Applications are submitted to GSST for selection. Selected candidates are recommended to Monbukagakusho for approval.
4. Domestic Application
Private-funded international students are eligible to apply for the scholarship after they have enrolled in Kumamoto University. Selection is conducted by Kumamoto University for recommendation to Monbukagakusho.

Scholarships from other sources

Tuition Exemption

Private-funded students can apply for exemption of tuition fees. Exemption is made on a term-to-term basis depending on the financial conditions and academic records of the applicant.

Ragional Information