Chemistry and Bioscience

Education Goals

This education program provides education in the fundamentals of chemistry and bioscience, including chemistry, biology, and physics, from the basics to applications in a logical progression. By doing so we aspire to seek out new basic truths in applied chemistry, as well as train future practitioners who will work creatively to open up the field to new discoveries.

Education Objectives

This education program has established the following objectives in order to accomplish these goals, while continuing to respect academic freedom.

  1. We will equip students with a wide range of knowledge in the field of chemistry and bioscience, instilling in them a passion toward pursuing the essence of biochemistry and an appreciation of its nuances.
  2. We will train students in the skills needed for research and development in the field of chemistry and bioscience, encouraging creativity and a motivation to forge ahead with research activities.
  3. We will imbue students with morality and a sense of responsibility as relates to science and technology, as well as provide the abilities necessary to work independently toward solving environmental and social issues through from the standpoint of chemistry and bioscience.
  4. We will foster students’ abilities to contribute to development in the field of chemistry and bioscience and be active on the world stage.

What We Offer

Our program is designed so that students can use the fundamental knowledge gained from subjects in biochemistry to take courses in the field of applied and developmental chemistry and bioscience. We also have courses in which students will read, compile, and present several English-language academic papers, fostering their abilities to compile and process research from a global perspective. Furthermore, we aim to give students the ability to discover research problems and draft and carry out methods for solving them from a global perspective.

Research Activities