Master’s Course

Department of Mechanical and Mathematical Engineering

Education Goals

In this department, we aim to train students to become professionals who have advanced, specialized abilities and are capable of understanding mechanical systems under various environments from a comprehensive viewpoint that accounts for such factors as an increasingly complex society, the environment, and energy, or professionals who understand mathematical theories that legitimize various system designs and who can connect mathematical theory to real-life applications that are useful to society.
To this end, through fundamental and applied educational research on mechanical systems and mathematical theory, students will develop advanced expertise, an awareness of issues, and the ability to solve these issues.

Education Objectives

In order to achieve these educational goals, we will educate students according to the educational objectives listed below.

  1. We will help students gain a broad knowledge of general mechanical systems or general mathematical theory with an education that is smoothly connected with their undergraduate education.
  2. We will train students to develop their presentation skills and communication skills through seminars and international conferences.
  3. By providing students with thorough guidance through the master’s thesis writing process, we will help them to gain the ability to think and solve problems on their own.

What We Offer

We will impart students with an education of manufacturing, ranging from fundamental to applied, in order to train high-level researchers and technical experts who are able to play active roles in the region and in the international community.
In addition, we will put into practice a program for training students to become professionals who can combine their broad perspectives, flexible creativity, and global perspective as science and engineering practitioners that enables them to look beyond the field of engineering.
To this end, we have established Internship I, Science Special Lecture I, Project Seminar I, and Special Presentation I as specialized common subjects. Through actual experience working at companies in Internship I, students will acquire the engineering qualities required by society. Advanced Science Special Lecture I, consisting of lectures, and Project Seminar I, consisting of courses in seminar format, will deepen students’ expertise in their field of specialty in each educational program, and Special Presentation I will encourage students to give presentations at international conferences.