Master’s Course

Department of Science

Education Goals

Students will not only contribute to the academic succession and development of human intellectual property in the fields of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, but also scientifically explore the truth behind the core of the many issues our modern society faces, such as the phenomena of life, the global environment, and the energy problem.
To this end, our goal is to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, way of thinking, and philosophy common to sciences in order to train them to be able to contribute to society internationally and widely as highly ethical scientist specialists.

Education Objectives

Our objective is to help students gain advanced scientific knowledge and experimental techniques in science in fields related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth science, and the biological sciences and to acquire the logical reasoning abilities and research abilities necessary for solving diverse problems.
Our students will also actively participate in international conferences and symposiums and gain both the ability to interact actively in English with researchers and students overseas and the communication skills that will allow them to contribute both to local communities and to the international community.

What We Offer

We will endeavor to train self-reliant professionals who have the ability to take up and further develop advanced expertise in the field of science while maintaining a broad and practical perspective and who are equipped with the capacity to solve the many problems facing society.
We have therefore prepared groups of specialized courses through which students can delve further into their chosen topic of study based on our concept of a six-year program of consistent education.
On top of a foundation of undergraduate education, we have established specialized courses that include special exercises and seminars specific to each program, and we have established special research as a common subject, in which students will further their expertise in each field and expand their knowledge from the theoretical to the practical through their own individual efforts.