Advanced Mechanical Systems

Education Goals

As the machine industry experiences fast-paced diversification and increasing functionality, scientists today must obtain the academic knowledge and technology to design and run highly intelligent multifunctional mechanical systems. To this end, we will train students to become professionals with a broad range of knowledge, from fundamental to applied, in subjects ranging from thermal/fluid dynamics and energy exchange to precision processes and the design and creation of machines, as well as the skills to imaginatively wield this knowledge.

Education Objectives

To achieve this educational purpose, we have established the following objectives.

  1. We will equip students with a broad knowledge of topics including modern thermal, fluid, and material mechanics and machine design, precision processing, and machine technology.
  2. We will imbue students with deep inquisitiveness and insightfulness so that they will be able to solve problems surrounding complex machine systems.
  3. We will foster in students the ability to discover issues, solve them, and present their findings, as well as improve their English communication ability by assigning appropriate homework, exercises, and presentations.

What We Offer

Mechanical Engineering, the field supporting modern society, demands the pursuit of higher quality, efficiency, and reliability of machinery and equipment with a premise of harmony between people and the environment, and is also closely intertwined with issues surrounding the environment and conserving resources and energy.
In this program, students will systematically learn about and research highly efficient utilization techniques for thermal and fluid energy, as well as the ultraprecise and fine processing technology behind making smaller and more precise machinery.