Applied chemistry and Biochemistry

Education Goals

It is possible to discover the fundamental components for furthering chemical engineering in a humane way, without disturbing the high level of awareness and balance found in the natural world and living organisms. This education program aims to train students to become professionals with abundant creativity, originality, and international awareness who can contribute to the cultivation of new scientific technology to support an industrial society by laying bare the basic chemical materials in the natural world and living organisms and broadly applying and developing their discoveries.

Education Objectives

  1. We will impart to students the most up-to-date knowledge through lectures and seminars in areas related to chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and biology.
  2. As part of dissertation research instruction, we will teach students the logical reasoning abilities, ability to propose and resolve problems, and expressive abilities necessary for becoming a researcher with a high level of expertise and state-of-the-art research abilities.
  3. We will imbue in students an international awareness when interacting with others through research by presenting at international conferences in international languages such as English and active engagement in writing academic papers.

What We Offer

This program is designed so that students can acquire the abilities to gain advanced knowledge and the latest information in areas such as chemistry as well as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and biology, and the excellent research ability and high-level expertise necessary for areas in which technologists are in demand, such as developing modern materials in which chemical structures and molecular functions are finely controlled, as well as the skills to adeptly create new or improved functions through the cooperation of molecules, bringing about the next generation of materials. This program is further designed so that students can: enrich their fundamental knowledge in both their own area of expertise and in other areas, blending these two areas of knowledge to develop innovative technologies; improve their abilities to give presentations at international conferences and write academic papers in international languages such as English; become more proficient in planning and carrying out joint research on the basis of language abilities and the ability to take action, which make possible research collaboration with people from all walks of life throughout the international community; acquire the ability to use the academic knowledge gained from taking courses in this department to give advice on various issues surrounding the local community; and cultivate a desire to use fundamental research to create new industries based on market needs by collaborating with the local community.