Environmental Conservation Engineering

Education Goals

This program aims to systematically educate students on the latest technology surrounding safety and disaster prevention, conservation, development, use, and coexistence in the natural sciences and social environments, as well as to train students to become researchers and experts who can play leading roles on the front lines of the field.

Education Objectives

In order to achieve these goals, we will provide students with not only a high level of expertise, but also cultivate in them an in-depth knowledge on a variety of areas of specialty that cover all engineering-related subjects, including both a bird’s eye view of engineering and interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as the qualities necessary to become cooperative leaders who will play active roles on the global stage.

What We Offer

This program is designed such that students can discuss shared themes with instructors or students from other education programs and departments to gain systematic and comprehensive intellectual abilities and an expert-level knowledge of the latest research. Furthermore, we will provide students with an in-depth understanding of multiple disciplines so that they can tackle specific issues in the everyday world, as well as the communication abilities, including English ability, needed to exchange information on an international level. Our program is also designed so that students can gain the abilities to go forward with research of the highest standard that will receive acclaim both at home and abroad, and so that students can learn how to make use of their personal strengths while also working in groups to collaborate with the local community.