Human and Environmental Informatics

Education Goals

Our goal is to train students to become practitioners who can play an active role in a globalized world with a broad perspective and sense of morality, equipped with expert-level knowledge in areas such as computer science, electronic engineering, and control engineering, in which students will receive a multifaceted education, and in areas related to information, electronic, and control and interdisciplinary disciplines and composite disciplines as well.

Education Objectives

We aim to help students acquire abilities such as the following.

1. High-level expert knowledge, skills, and research abilities
  • Expert-level ability in areas of information, electronic, and control engineering, from fundamental to theoretical to applied
  • Ability to be intellectually inquisitive and logical, the ability to discover and resolve issues, and expressive abilities
2. Holistic academic ability that allows for understanding of a wide array of disciplines
  • Ability to understand and apply (expert-level) knowledge from interdisciplinary disciplines and composite disciplines, using knowledge of areas related to information, electronics, and control as a foundation
3. A global outlook and ability to take action
  • An international social awareness gained through active participation in presenting papers at international conferences and training at universities abroad
4. Leadership abilities to be a driver of change in the local community
  • Social awareness and leadership gained through internships at top companies both in Japan and abroad

What We Offer

Going forward, society will have to deal with problems surrounding falling birthrates and an aging population, as well as the environment, making it imperative that we quickly develop technology surrounding the support systems that allow humans to go about their lives safely and comfortably. In order to realize this, we need research that analyzes humans and their surrounding environment from many angles. This area of research covers a wide range of educational and research topics including human interfaces, intelligent control, biological information measurement, natural environment evaluation, and the many other various human, environment, and information-related component technologies and their organic integration.