Intelligent Mechanical Systems

Education Goals

The mechanical systems and structures prominent in recent developments demand not only higher performance and functionality, but also require an overall intelligent design and production so that the systems are attuned to their surroundings. This program equips students with broad knowledge about the production process, from fundamentals to applications, as well as about intelligent manufacturing system technologies including signal measurement/processing and system controls utilizing computer technology, in order to train them to become professionals who can use their creativity to be active players in the field.

Education Objectives

To achieve this educational purpose set by this program, we have established the following objectives.

  1. We will teach students about intelligent manufacturing processes and system technologies on a both a broad level and in terms of specific applications.
  2. We will foster students’ inquisitiveness, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in the area of research instruction.
  3. We will equip students with the abilities to conduct research that can be used in a wide array of settings, cooperating with others as part of a team of researchers or engineers.

What We Offer

Optimizing and adding intelligence to production systems to support the highly science and technology-based society of the 21st century has become an issue of the utmost importance.
In this program, students will be involved in comprehensive training and research covering a broad spectrum of research areas, including developing modern production processing technology based on the generation or control of shockwaves and other extreme environment conditions or technologies which have these conditions applied, the materials transfiguration and strength analysis essential for machine design, and automation or robotization, which make use of ultramodern automatic control techniques that support furthering the intelligence of various types of production systems.