Biological Sciences

Education Goals

We will endeavor to train students to be able to think logically and independently discover various issues related to the biological sciences and choose the appropriate method for solving them, using as a foundation the latest expert-level knowledge of the core elements that make up the various phenomena surrounding life activity and those which relate to the environmental adaptation of various organism groups.

Education Objectives

  1. We will train students to become researchers who have the ability to independently identify various issues related to biological science, choose the appropriate method for solving these issues, and work on their own to find a resolution.
  2. We will help students acquire high-level knowledge on the timeliest issues surrounding the life sciences and foster expert-level research abilities and logical reasoning abilities.
  3. We will actively promote opportunities for students to do research abroad in order to become practitioners who are proficient in international communication.
  4. We will educate students in not only the ability to carry out experiments, but also in maintaining a high level of expertise while being able to organize their research as a whole, in the process training them to become scientists who can meet the needs of society, including those of the industrial world.

What We Offer

The analysis of various life phenomena from the cellular to the community level aimed at gaining a comprehensive understanding of life is progressing at a rapid pace. We will provide an education that will keep students in the know on this progress, providing the most up-to-date information on the molecular structures and functions of cells and individual organisms, namely, the metabolisms of biological systems, a fundamental understanding of information transfer, and analysis and conversation of biodiversity as related to species and communities and their interaction.