Doctoral Course

Department of Science

Education Goals

We aim to equip students with thorough expertise and insight in the natural sciences to educate them to become highly ethical professionals with broad perspectives who can independently advance their research internationally. After completing this doctorate program, our goal is for students to become practitioners able to create their own research agendas as self-reliant researchers and to apply their scientific expertise as practitioners pioneering cutting-edge research or as educators, government workers, or highly specialized company employees.

Education Objectives

Through this program, students will learn advanced, cutting-edge specialized knowledge in the field of science, gain logical reasoning abilities and broad academic perspectives, acquire the ability to give presentations at international conferences and write academic papers in English, and develop research capabilities that will allow them to conduct joint research and exchanges with researchers around the world and to play active roles at the forefront of education and research in both the international community and local communities.

What We Offer

Our goal is to train students to become professionals who are able to use their advanced expertise in the field of science to contribute to academic development and social progress as world-class, self-reliant researchers. Therefore, through each course of specialized subjects, we not only provide up-to-date information, we also strongly emphasize students’ engagement in individual research and preparation of their doctoral dissertations.