Education Goals

We aim to train students to become professionals who can contribute to the development of the field and the advancement of society by focusing on foundational research in each of the areas of algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, probability, and mathematical physics, while equipping students with and continuing to build on the latest high-level theories.

Education Objectives

By learning the most up-to-date theories in algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, and probability, students will develop their own unique view on mathematics and the qualities needed to be active on the front lines of the mathematics education and research world both at home and abroad, contributing to the development of the regional community.

What We Offer

Mathematics is an ever-expanding field that provides the basis for various sciences, including algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, statistical mathematics, and information mathematics. While taking in new theories, we will promote foundational research that looks at the long term instead of being taken in by recent trends. We will also promote proactive interaction both in and out of Japan, conducting education and research that will allow students to work globally.