Education Goals

We aim to train students to become self-reliant researchers who have a deep understanding from the perspective of the physical sciences of the phenomenon that occur in the natural world from an ultra micro to an ultra macro scale.

Education Objectives

We will endeavor to train students to become professionals who have an understanding of science based firmly on physics and who will develop materials science and technology for the next generation. From this perspective, our department has established the following objectives.

  1. We will help students to acquire cutting-edge knowledge in fundamental and applied physics through lectures, seminars, and the like.
  2. By guiding students through the research phase of their doctoral thesis preparation, we will help students gain the abilities necessary for research as scientific technicians with advanced professional abilities, such as logical reasoning abilities and expressive abilities.
  3. We will endeavor to cultivate internationally minded research and human interaction through students’ proactive participation in presentations at international conferences and preparation of academic articles in English.

What We Offer

We strive to discover the physical properties of substances in various layers of our hierarchically structured natural world, including the discovery of structures in space, stars, and black holes, such as the basic particles and their basic interactions that make up substances, the physical properties in condensed matter systems, and the reactions and dynamics of substances under various extreme environments (low temperature, high pressure, magnetized fields, laser light irradiation). To this end, we conduct basic research and promote education from various angles such as experimentation (magnetism, superconductivity, optical properties, etc.), pure theory, and numerical simulation.