Earth and Environmental Sciences

Education Goals

By providing foundational education in sciences related to the environment, we aim to foster in students the ability to conduct creative research and the overall research ability to tackle various issues in a number of disciplines in order to train them to become professionals who can contribute to the various issues facing modern society that relate to the environment.

Education Objectives

  1. We will offer enriched courses where instructors will impart the most up-to-date knowledge on our planet and its natural environment and foster logical reasoning abilities.
  2. We will provide students with opportunities to conduct and actively participate in a rich variety of research projects that cover several areas in order to imbue students with the ability to address issues across a number of disciplines.
  3. We will conduct research instruction through participation in joint research projects with scientists abroad and encourage students to present at international conferences in order to train them to become professionals who can contribute on the world stage.
  4. We will provide enriching opportunities by encouraging students to present their findings and take debate-centered seminars in order to foster creative and logical reasoning abilities.

What We Offer

Earth has a 4.6 billion-year history during which a complex environmental system was born, including the also complex subsystem made up of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Today, our planet hangs in the balance, with humankind’s effects on the environmental system threatening our continued existence. In order to tackle this problem, we must properly understand Earth’s systems. However, there are still many unsolved mysteries when it comes to our environment’s past and present.

This course aims to provide students with educational and research opportunities in order to train them to become professionals who can understand the past and current situation surrounding our environmental system and break new ground in areas of research while contributing to resolving problems across a wide array of areas.