Architecture and Building Engineering

Education Goals

The study of architecture and building engineering is a broad discipline focusing on humans. It includes the study of the safety, comfort, convenience, and artistic quality of buildings and the environments that surround them.
We will develop architectural engineers who have broad perspectives and knowledge covering each specialty and advanced technical capabilities as well as the ability to temporally, spatially, and comprehensively take in the grand system of architecture.

Education Objectives

To achieve the above goal, we will help students to acquire deep expertise in the general field of architecture and building engineering, including architectural planning, building design, building structures, building materials, building environments and equipment, architectural history, urban planning, building production, architectural conservation, and disaster prevention. Students will also develop knowledge of and the ability to apply cutting-edge technologies, the ability to develop and teach new technologies, broad perspectives and comprehensive decision-making abilities, and the ability to collaborate to play an active role in creative activities.

What We Offer

This course of study includes a program aimed at helping students learn the latest advanced academic skills in order to further deepen the expertise gained from their undergraduate courses and at helping students cultivate the engineering design abilities and international outlook necessary for applying that expertise in the real world. Furthermore, we have organized and implemented a curriculum made up of a composite of many fields for students to acquire broad and advanced academic knowledge relating especially to research in the fields of architectural design and planning, building environments and equipment, building structures, and building production. The Education Program of Architecture and Building consists of three tracks which are described below.

Architecture and Building Engineering
The Architecture and Building Engineering track is the main focus of this department. For this track, we have prepared many course subjects in each specialized field of planning, environment and equipment, structures, and production.
In addition to studying and researching specialized fields, students can also take practical, specialized subjects in which they set their own topics of study.
Architectural Design
The Architectural Design track is provided for students who wish to work as architects or in architectural design in the future. It is mainly composed of courses such as design studio and design theory.
In place of a master’s thesis, students will complete a master’s design, and upon graduation, students will have developed abilities in architectural design that will allow them to pass level one of the architect examination.
Architecture and Urban Culture
The Architecture and Urban Culture track is geared toward graduates of other undergraduate programs and toward working professionals.
While taking into consideration the diverse backgrounds of the students, this track will teach a wide range of expertise in architecture and building engineering and in building urban culture, including state-of-the-art knowledge, in order to foster master’s (academic) graduates.

Research Activities