Civil and Environmental Engineering

Education Goals

We will develop civil engineers who have broad perspectives and knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation for protecting the life and property of citizens from natural disasters, the planning, designing, and management of social infrastructure facilities indispensable for living and for producing, and environmental preservation for building a society centered on coexisting with the natural environment and on recycling resources, and who have advanced technical capabilities and are able to make technical proposals for solving global issues.

Education Objectives

To achieve the above goal, we will provide students with deep expertise in the general field of civil and environmental engineering, including environmental preservation, the planning, design, building, and management of societal infrastructure and construction, and disaster prevention and mitigation, and help students develop the ability to contribute to society through environmentally friendly and sustainable construction.

What We Offer

This course of study includes a program aimed at helping students learn the latest advanced academic skills in order to further deepen the expertise gained from their undergraduate courses and at helping students cultivate the engineering design abilities and international outlook necessary for applying that expertise in the real world.
Students will also acquire a wide range of specialized knowledge of several research fields, especially disaster prevention and mitigation, the planning, designing, and management of social infrastructure facilities, and environmental preservation centered on recycling resources. We have organized and implemented a cross-sectoral curriculum for students to acquire broad academic knowledge not limited to their familiar field of expertise.

Research Activities