Master’s Course

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Education Goals

Computer science professionals who can contribute widely to the world of industry as driving forces for creating and advancing the foundations of local regions and the international community from a global perspective are in demand.
The fundamental technologies that support the computerization and electronicization of society are technologies relating to computer science and electronic engineering, and the training of highly specialized technicians and researchers who will be responsible for the development of these technologies is indispensable.
This department will train students to become highly specialized technicians and researchers with creative and flexible reasoning, like the following.

  1. Those who can make full use of their advanced and specialized abilities to flexibly and quickly adapt to a diverse and dynamically changing society from a wide range of perspectives
  2. Those who are equipped with creative abilities that allow them to solve problems by independently creating new technologies
  3. Those who are motivated to become leaders in our society of advanced information and who feel that it is their mission to contribute to local regions and to the international community.

Education Objectives

  1. Through our six-year program of consistent education linked to an undergraduate education, we will teach students advanced expertise in the field of computer science and electronic engineering.
  2. Through internships and project seminars, students will develop flexibility, practical skills, planning abilities, and an entrepreneurial spirit through which they can adapt to diverse fields.
  3. Through giving presentations at academic conferences both in Japan and abroad, students will develop communication and presentation skills.
  4. Through preparing their master’s thesis, students will develop logical reasoning abilities, problem discovery and solving abilities, expressive abilities, and a passion for self-driven discovery.

What We Offer

We offer an education through which students who have received an undergraduate education in the fundamentals of general engineering and in a specialized field relating to electrical engineering, electronic engineering, or computer science will study state-of-the-art, specialized subjects in each area and set their own topics of research in order to train to become high-level technical experts and researchers who have cultivated knowledge and a wide range of practical skills, who can contribute to local regions and to the international community thanks to an education in which they acquired the ability to model problems and develop research methods based on said models in order to solve problems.
We have established Internship I, Science Special Lecture I, Project Seminar I, and Special Presentation I as specialized common subjects in addition to establishing three educational programs. Through actual experience working at companies in Internship I, students will acquire the engineering qualities required by society. Advanced Science Special Lecture I, consisting of lectures, and Project Seminar I, consisting of courses in seminar format, will deepen students’ expertise in their field of specialty in each educational program, and Special Presentation I will encourage students to give presentations at international conferences.

The industrial world of computer science is changing rapidly every day, and start-ups and other organizations require diverse practitioners to help them navigate this world. In response to this environment, this department will train students to become professionals with fundamental to applied knowledge in the three fields of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science.