Electronic Engineering

Education Goals

By receiving training in the field of electrical engineering, especially in specialized subjects relating to energy and devices, students can become professionals who act as world-class leaders with a global standpoint to solve the many issues relating to electrical energy.

Education Objectives

The Education Program of Electrical Engineering teaches subjects related to electronics, energy, and devices using expert-level, cutting-edge methods. It also instills the knowledge needed to become an expert by using each research topic as an opportunity to model problems and gain a wide range of applied skills in order to solve these problems. In this way, it aims to train students to become high-level technical experts and researchers who can contribute to local regions and to the international community.

What We Offer

We will provide students who have received an undergraduate education in the fundamentals of general engineering and in the specialized field of electrical engineering with an education through a group of specialized courses relating to the most advanced and up-to-date electrical engineering in the field of energy and in the field of environment and devices. We have built a curriculum in which students can take courses related to electrical engineering in the fields of computers or electronics and information from parts of other education programs (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science) so that students not only deepen their expertise in their own specialization but also broaden their knowledge in order to acquire a wide range of practical skills. Furthermore, this education program also trains students to become practitioners in the field of pulsed power science.

Research Activities