Computer Science

Education Goals

Computer science not only provides the technologies that support our lives in an ever-evolving society, but also has unchanging properties allowing it to be applied in a wide array of fields. We provide students with the education to meet these varying demands, specializing in the areas of software, hardware, applied computing, electricity, electronics, and communications, which will equip them with a deep understanding of the fundamentals as well as high-level expertise and the ability to apply this expertise.

Education Objectives

The Education Program of Computer Science teaches subjects related to information and communication using expert-level, cutting-edge methods. It also instills the knowledge needed to become an expert by using each research topic as an opportunity to model problems and gain a wide range of applied skills in order to solve them. In this way, it aims to train students to become high-level technical experts and researchers who can contribute to local regions and to the international community.

What We Offer

Students who have covered both the introductory courses on general engineering and more specific courses on computer science can take classes from an upper division series of courses that teach cutting-edge information-related subjects. We have designed the curriculum such that courses covering the main areas of software, hardware, and applied computing can be taken in the computer science program, and a portion of applied computing courses and electricity, electronics, and communications can be taken in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering through the Education Programs of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering, with the credits being applied to this program.

Research Activities