Education Goals

Our goal is to investigate chemical reactivity and the expression mechanisms of physical properties from the perspective of molecular science and to create new substances and establish new analytical methods through controlling physical properties and reactivities based on an understanding of the fundamental properties of the various substances in the natural world from the perspective of chemistry. Furthermore, we will train students to become professionals with a constant awareness of both the international community and local communities who can make the contributions for the advancement of the field of chemistry necessary for the next generation.

Education Objectives

In order to train students to have broad but deep fundamental knowledge and to be able to apply this knowledge, our department has established the following objectives.

  1. Through lectures and seminars, we will teach students not only fundamental but also advanced chemistry so that they have a constant awareness of society and are able to respond flexibly to societal changes.
  2. We will help students to improve their presentation skills through giving presentations of their research at seminars and the like.
  3. We will provide students with guidance for special research to foster their planning abilities, inquiring minds, logical reasoning abilities, creativity and application abilities, and self-expression abilities.
    Additionally, we will help students develop their communication and expression skills in English through international conferences and international collaborative research.

What We Offer

In addition to the group of specialized courses with content continuing on from undergraduate studies, we have established Chemistry Seminar I and II and Special Chemistry Recitation I and II as compulsory courses. Chemistry Seminar I and II cultivate students’ abilities to individually investigate and teach advanced concepts, and Special Chemistry Recitation I and II cultivate students’ abilities to individually take on and solve requested tasks.
Upon the completion of these courses, students will receive credit for the compulsory special research units.

Research Activities