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Kumamoto University
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Educational Goals

We set the following educational goals in order to provide education to the students who are admitted according to our admission policy.

  1. (1)In Master’s Course, students with a good academic background from undergraduate education are trained to become professionals with comprehensive views to solve problems and play an active role in various fields. In Doctoral Course, students are trained to obtain the abilities for interdisciplinary and comprehensive research and insightful creativity, so they can contribute to society.
  2. (2)We educate students so they will be able to contribute internationally to science and technology.
  3. (3)We provide opportunities for international students and create diversity.
  4. (4)We promote cooperation with industries and government offices so that the students are well prepared to start their own businesses.
  5. (5)As a graduate school open to society we provide education to professionals to help promotion in their careers.