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Gather up ambitious young who wish to be an innovative cosmopolitan

Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST) at Kumamoto University started in 1988 as a doctoral program to provide continuous education based of undergraduate and master degree programs in the field of Science and Engineering. In 1998, GSST was reorganized as the graduate school which has continuous 5 year courses, and currently GSST has 9 master degree programs accepting 392 students per year, and 5 doctoral programs accepting 62 students per year. In 2016, the management function of Graduate School is separated as a different organization, namely Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology, and GSST was reborn as an educational organization.

As educational organization, GSST declares to bring out following alumni to our society.

  1. 1)a person having rich knowledge, spirit of innovation and leadership to handle various issues caused by current rapidly changing society with background of science and technology.
  2. 2)a person who can respond timely to rapid improvement of science and technology based on the knowledge of own discipline as well as interdisciplinary fields.
  3. 3)a person who has a capability to contribute international society in the field of science and technology as a researcher or an engineer.

In order to foster talented human as an alumnus, GSST think these two keywords are important; i.e. “Globalization” and “Capability of Innovation.” Although the word “Globalization” is sometime understood as narrow as communication skill with international language, GSST thinks “Globalization” means a potential to show own knowledge concerning diversity of language, culture, custom and so on from global point of view. “Capability of Innovation” can be understood as skill to apply own knowledge and experiences to innovation as well as spirits and wishes to challenge to produce new values for society. GSST provides well organized curricula through master and doctoral degree programs in order to enhance your knowledge of your own discipline as well as to enrich your background by means of various interdisciplinary subjects. Especially, GSST offers the International Joint Education Program (IJEP) which you can enroll and finish your program only using English, also offers various subjects under Global Joint Education Center for Science and Technology (GJEC) such that subjects under academic-industrial collaboration, inter-graduates school collaboration, international collaboration. Also GJEC offers various subjects categorized as advanced general education. You can build your own knowledge utilizing those wide variety of subjects during your programs based on your own motivation. As globalized graduate school, GSST keeps ready to accept international students and offers sophisticated educational environment for you.

Social situation is keep changing and it would not stop for coming decades. Every year, we human beings find new scientific knowledge and new technology which is affecting directly to society. On the other hand, unpredictable disasters have been happening on the globe. GSST wishes you to be a person who has a capability to manage your situation under rapidly changing and unexpected situation, and wishes you would work for future generation. Time you will spend during our graduate school is very important for your life thus GSST really wishes you to enrich your knowledge and enhance your view while you are studying with us.

Tsuyoshi Usagawa
Professor, Dr. Eng.
Dean, Graduate School of Science and Technology
Kumamoto University