Ideas and Goals

In order to create and comprehensively enrich new technologies and sciences, and to foster the unique character of this research organization, this faculty shall pursue the following five goals:

  1. 1)Promoting interdisciplinary research across different fields of science and technology in order to comprehensively enrich scientific technology and to develop new academic areas.
  2. 2)Promoting high quality basic research to meet international standards, promoting exploratory research rich in foresight and creativity, and promoting practical applied research to contribute to the sustainable development of an active society in harmony with the environment, in order to meet the diverse needs of today’s world.
  3. 3)Becoming a unique a research organization capable of promoting research that will be a model of excellence for the international community, while establishing joint research systems both at home and abroad in order to play a leading role as an outstanding international center of research.
  4. 4)Addressing the various issues and challenges that arise from the rapid changes in today’s society through the creation of new scientific and technological knowledge, and utilizing those results to achieve peace and sustainable development through contributions to society.
  5. 5)As a research organization established for the purpose of regional revitalization, contributing to the local community by promoting collaboration and cooperation among industry, academia, and the government.
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