Ideas and Goals

We have set the following five principles to guide our pursuit of achieving these goals of comprehensively advancing science technology, developing new fields of scientific study and scientific technologies, and setting ourselves apart as a research organization.

  1. 1. To engage in interdisciplinary research between science and engineering departments in order to advance the use of scientific techniques and uncover new fields of academic inquiry.
  2. 2. To respond to the various needs of society by performing fundamental research that meets an international standard of quality, innovative research with a high potential for growth in the future, and practical research which contributes to the creation of a vital and healthy society that exists in harmony with the natural world.
  3. 3. To engage in cutting-edge research that is internationally regarded as being of excellent quality, in order to distinguish ourselves from other research organizations while simultaneously taking the role of a leading university worldwide by engaging in collaborative research efforts both in Japan and abroad.
  4. 4. To create new scientific and technological knowledge in response to the various problems that have arisen due to society’s rapid transformation, and to give these research findings back to society as a means of continually promoting peace among humankind.
  5. 5. To contribute to society as a regionally based research organization by promoting cooperation between industrial, academic, and governmental concerns towards to the goal of revitalizing regional communities.
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