Takao Namihira

Research highlight

We research pulsed power, the ultimate advanced control mechanism of electrical energy, through: 1) the development of pulsed power energy source, 2) characterization of phenomena (such as high electric field, high current, rapid heating, free radical formation, shock wave etc.) in gases, liquids, solids and organisms, 3) develop applications for these phenomena, and 4) industrialize these applications, to complete the chain from basic research to practical uses. We believe there are still enormous potentials in pulsed power technology that remain untapped, and we look forward to taking on these challenges with you.


1999.4 - 2006.6: Research assistant, Electrical System Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kumamoto University.
2003.4 - 2004.3: Visiting professor, Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics, Texas Tech University
2006.7 - 2007.3: Assistant professor, Graduate School of Science & Technology, Kumamoto University
2007.4 - 2007.9: Associate professor, Graduate School of Science & Technology, Kumamoto University
2007.10 - 2013.3: Associate professor, Bioelectrics Research Center, Kumamoto University
2013.4 - 2020.3: Associate professor, Institute of Pulsed Power Science, Kumamoto University
2020.4 - present: Associate professor, Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials, Kumamoto University

Contact information

(+81) 096-342-3645

Email: namihira(at)

2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, 860-8555 JAPAN
Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials

EngD., Associate professor
Pulsed power engineering
Department of Molecular Agriculture